Powerful air purifier for all kinds of large room - without filter replacement.

The ultimate air purifier

Tower XL is a professional air purifier, the horizontal purifying method is 5X efficiency than major air purifier in the market.

Touch Panel Control

Tower XL comes with intuitive smooth touch controls panel make it easy to operate. One touch controls all.

Grass Surface

Tower XL using high-end glass for its touch panel control surface. Respond immediately while you touch it for operation, which is very different that other air purifier in the market.

Relieve from suffering 

If you are suffering from cold, sinus, fever, or asthma, Tower XL able to relieve your suffering by releasing the negative ion, ultraviolet and fresh air to enhance your immune system and breath better.

A personal doctor for your household

Thanks to Tower XL electrostatic filter, it maintain 100% purifying efficiency all time to eliminate 99.98% virus, influenza,and other pollutions. 

Innovative washable filter

Tower XL adapting innovative washable filter, made by hi-quality stainless steel. When required just wash the filter by soaking in water together with some solutions.

Air purifying speed


Coverage up to



  • Pre-Filter

  • Electrostatic Filter

  • Ozone Filter

  • VOC / Formaldehyde Filter

  • Catalyst (TiO2) Filter

  • UV LEDs Filter

Auto-adjust perfect atmosphere 

Tower XL's pollution and atmophere sensor will automatically adjust and simulate a perfect climate & fresh air like natural scenery. Massive of negative ion will cool down your room temperature & help let you sleep better.

Instant purifying (Haze & Pollutions)

Tower XL instantly purifying any pollution within 10 minutes*, especially haze, or any kinds of pollution thanks to the powerful electrostatic filter. No matter how you use it, just wash and reuse, no more worry about extra cost to replace a filter

*Tested in 1000. sq st room, with 4th purifying speed

Purify pollution instantly

When Tower XL encounter pollution it will respond instantly, The pollution will purify by go through 6 filters. The Tower XL purifying speed is very remarkable.

The Tower .Gen2 best buddies 

These accessories will make Tower .Gen 2 even more powerful.

The Tower XL best buddies 

Perfect combination, next level air purifying when use together with these iconic product by MBH.

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