A hybrid humidifier for all rooms 

Buit for your air and health

New Tower .Gen 2 is built for only one purpose, to keep your air clean and fresh all the time.

Faster Healing Time & Comfortable sinuses

Thanks to the Japan negative ion & Ag+ ionic silver tech, Tower .Gen 2 able to shorten your suffering from flu, fever & sinus. It will also reduce symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

Perfect for working environment

Tower .Gen 2 cover up to 2500 sq.ft, together with DIVINA Arcobaleno air purifier solution it will uplifting the

environment and increase productivity and

create a positive environment.

A personal doctor for your household

Tower .Gen 2 generates massive of negative ion, and create a perfect climate which not good for influenza growth.

Nature ingredient pests repellent

Divina Bio Pest Solution .ver 2 is a 100% toxin free & natural ingredient pest solution. The main ingredient are herbs and enzyme. Perfect use together with Tower .Gen 2. 

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The Tower .Gen2 best buddies 

These accessories will make Tower .Gen 2 even more powerful.

Aroma cartridge

Aroma cartridge design for pure essential oil. We recommended DIVINA brand essential oil. 

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Ag+ ionic silver

MBH Ag+ Ionic Silver enhance Tower .Gen2 function and effectively eliminates bacteria and virus in the air and water.

360° mist nozzle

Made by unique antibacterial ABS plastic, you can rotate it to any direction that you desire.

Arcobaleno.ver 2

Divina Arcobaleno air purifier solution, effectively remove up to 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and odour. Simply drop

1-5 drop in airDrop Touch water

tank and it will do the rest.

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Technical Specifications

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