A Humidifier fit in anywhere

airDrop SE come with incredibly sleek and portable design. Thanks to the hyper soft mist, it can fit in any room without over damp concern, so you can enjoy the function and aroma wherever and whenever you want in your home.

A piece of art with neon LED

airDrop SE build in 7 LEDs and create stunning LED effects. Switchable and dimmable setting allows you to change your preference colours and the level of brightness in you will.


Usage up to


Coverage up to


Timmer setting


Usage up to


Coverage up to


Timmer setting

Arcobaleno.ver 2

Divina Arcobaleno air purifier solution, effectively remove up to 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and odour. Simply drop 1-5 drop in airDrop Touch water tank and it will do the rest.

Go further with Ag+

MBH Ag+ universal ionic silver silver makes your airDrop SE work even better. Remove bacteria and virus & extra mineral in the water to help extend the life of your beloved airDrop SE.

*MBH Ag+ universal ionic filter sold separately. 

Pure essential oil therapy 

Divina brand 100% pure essential give you a next level relaxation, more than 7 scents to choose. 


*Divina Lavender essential oil sold separately. 

Hyper soft mist

New hyper soft mist technology only adapt by Lydia & airDrop SE. Thanks to 2nd generation ultrasonic+ in invented Japan, the hyper soft mist blend the water molecule directly in to the air or skin, so it work 3X better than normal humidifier in the market.

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