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The 1st permanent filter air purifier

The ultimate air purifier for home and business use.

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Comfort. Cooling. Air Circulate

Turbo oscillating. Powerful whole room air circulation.

Caring your health all day long

New Tower .Gen 2 purify the air and eliminate influenza to protect you like a hero.


Tower .Gen 2

Small, elegant, powerful

The small aroma diffuser with stunning LED,air purifying and aroma diffuser functions

Purify the air with natural scents

Arcobaleno air purifier solution purify the air, eliminates influenza and harmonise the atmosphere.

airDrop SE

Arcobaleno. ver 2

Make it next level

MBH Ag+ ionic silver helps eliminates bacteria, virus in humidifier, escalate the function to purify the air better.

Iconic design with better functions

Lydia, the iconic design from Japan with better neon LEDs and air purifying function. 

Ag+ Ionic Silver 



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