Iconic design, new surprises  

New design, better performance

New airDrop is now come with touch function, better purifying power and bigger water tank capacity

Blend in any environment

airDrop Touch covers up to 3000sq. ft. and it is design to blend in any environment like living room, kitchen & bedroom.

The ultimate relax machine

airDrop Touch release massive of negative ion and ultra-soft mist to simulate the natural environment like forest, beach, and waterfall surrounding. It makes you sleep better, less tension and more relaxing. 

A personal doctor for your household

airDrop Touch generates massive of negative ion, and create a perfect climate which not good for influenza growth.

Relieve and prevent influenza

The negative ion generates from airDrop Touch will eliminated bacteria and influenza prevents you from infection. It also is a remedy for influenza, negative ion from airDrop Touch will boost your immune system to fight against it.

Accessory makes airDrop furthur 

airDrop Touch comes with accessories that make it even better than just a humidifier.

Aroma cartridge

Aroma cartridge design for pure essential oil. We recommended DIVINA brand essential oil. 

Ag+ ionic silver

MBH Ag+ Ionic Silver enhance airDrop Touch function and effectively eliminates bacteria and virus in the air and water.

360° mist nozzle

Made by unique antibacterial ABS plastic, you can rotate it to any direction that you desire.

Arcobaleno.ver 2

Divina Arcobaleno air purifier solution, effectively remove up to 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and odour. Simply drop 1-5 drop in airDrop Touch water tank and it will do the rest.

Free shipping over RM90

Available at local retailers

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